What began as a dream, has grown into a family. Fountain pens are the journey.

Armando Simoni Club

A pen company by collectors for collectors. This is the ethos behind the ASC brand. Its founder, Emmanuel Caltagirone, believes a fountain pen must be both functional and beautiful. Born in Paris to a family of reputable pen makers, fountain pens were destined to be in his future.

His father, Nicolas Caltagirone, is the well-known figure behind the reputable Waterman and Cartier pen brands. When the OMAS luxury pen brand was up for sale, Emmanuel knew it would be his crown jewel. OMAS had something other pen makers covet – beautiful and rare celluloid material.

ASC continues to stretch the boundaries where beauty and tradition intersect. Creating connections from one generation to the next. Such is the legacy of Armando Simoni Club.

Conway Stewart

If there is a single British fountain pen you must own, it is Conway Stewart.

Rich in history, the founders of this pen brand -- Frank Jarvis and Thomas Garner -- understood nuances of manufacturing to create beautiful writing instruments. The rest is history.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and The Duke of Edinburgh were presented with two Conway Stewart pens from “The Gold Collection” to commemorate their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Made in 18Kt solid gold, the Queen wrote a thank you letter for the gift stating they were 'useful to boot'.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair offered Russian President Putin a Conway Stewart Churchill Burgundy fountain pen during a state visit to Russia. Former French President Jacques Chirac was also given a Brown Marble Churchill to celebrate his 70th birthday.

Conway Stewart pens were also selected by the Foreign Office as gifts to all world leaders at the G8 and G20 summits, along with pens for Prince Charles and Princess Diana.

With this legacy, Conway Stewart endures with elegance and poignancy at a time when it demands it more than ever before.

Known for its dexterity in material use, Conway Stewart was ingenious in its research and use of casein and plastics. In one instance, each slab of casein had to be cured for at least 3 months in a drying room with just the right humidity.

Looking ahead, Conway Stewart moves with elegance and style. Under the stewardship of Emmanuel Caltagirone’s creative insights, the brand will further its image of eponymous British style in America.


Founded in 1993 by a handful of vintage pen enthusiasts, Bexley is synonymous with classic 1930’s American design, reminiscent of the Golden Age of fountain pens. Bexley aims to produce American-made classic designs of impeccable quality.

While many American pen brands have forgone their true heritage by outsourcing production to China, we strive to make handmade fountain pens in America.

Using classic materials like ebonite -- a hardened rubber material popular before modern plastics came into use in the 1920's – Bexley Pens has established a loyal following for its smooth writing experience.

With decades of expertise, and now under the creative vision of Emmanuel Caltagirone and his team, Bexley will continue to produce fountain pens for fans of American-made writing instruments for decades to come.

For those looking to repair old Bexley Pens, please email us to oldbexley@thepenfamily.com


Today The WAHL-EVERSHARP Company is the result of a combination of years of hobby interest, historical research, passion for timeless design excellence, and the fortunate coming together of manufacturing skills, internet based distribution and the right people at the right time. The Wahl Company, Eversharp, Inc, and now The WAHL-EVERSHARP Company manufactured some of the greatest designs ever made into fountain pens. Many of which have stood the test of over 90 years time, and still look fresh, interesting and desirable. The WAHL-EVERSHARP Company traces its lineage back to 1915 when the Wahl Company produced the first successful mechanical pencil. Over the span of years, the company went through a number of ownerships including the Wahl Adding Machine Company, Eversharp Inc, Parker Pen, Parker Pen (Benelux), Astro Pen, Eversharp Pen Company and now production resumes under the new WAHL-EVERSHARP banner.

Beginning in 2004, attempts began to secure the production capabilities necessary to manufacture the line of pens presented today by The WAHL-EVERSHARP Company. Working independently at first, Emmanuel Caltagirone in Italy and Syd Saperstein in the United States, began to lay the plans for a revival of WAHL-EVERSHARP’s “Greatest Hits.” In 2012 their efforts were rewarded by a combined effort that utilizes Mr. Catagirone’s vast manufacturing capabilities and Mr. Saperstein’s expertise in the history of the brand. marketing and distribution.

The driving concept behind our pens is an answer to the question: What would WAHL-EVERSHARP pen products have become had the facts culminating in their disappearance from the marketplace for effectively 70 years not happened? Who are we to make such judgments and how are we so sure that the pens we produce today fit that bill? The sheer passage of time has taught us that some of the classic designs tossed aside after a few years production in the quest for ever newer ones still possess enduring attractiveness and have stood the test of the “design-time continuum”. These designs are recognized as both classic and as popular or more so among pen aficionados today as they were when originally produced. The economics of the predecessor companies and the times they lived in, also contributed to their demise. Conversely, The WAHL-EVERSHARP Company today takes full advantage of economical computer-based techniques. Design, production and sales are computer and internet based. Our distribution chain is more than half that required to get pens from manufacturer to end user when compared to what was necessary in the 1940’s and 1950’s.

Consequently we have arrived at a unique point in time wherein The WAHL-EVERSHARP Company is committed to the principal that the finest in materials, workmanship and design can be assembled, and, by keeping production and distribution costs under control still result in top quality pens that sell for prices within the reach of most pen fanciers.

Today and after 15 years of friendship, what began as an adventure between the two, has grown into a solid passion for Wahl Eversharp.

Some may be privy to this: Syd and Emmanuel both share the trademark for Wahl Eversharp. Since retirement is not a word that sits well with either of these two personalities, they are in the process of transforming their roles into something new. While his dedication to the brand will persist, Syd will turn over day-to-day operations to Manu, who will head all global operations for Wahl Eversharp. And in so doing, begin the progression of Wahl Eversharp joining The Pen Family. Our mutual dedication to excellent pen products and customer service is what both brands are all about.

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