At Armando Simoni Club, we are pen aficionados. We firmly believe that a nice pen box is an integral part of the experience of a luxury pen. However, we also think a pen box should be functional as opposed to being just attractive.
That is why we have developed a box that not only allows you to display your pen, but it will also protect it.

The Armando Simoni Club office is located in Miami, so we are used to salty sea air. We ran an experiment where we left out a pen and after two weeks, its metal parts had started to corrode. This experiment was the inspiration to come up with a completely new box design for our Bologna Wild Dark Side, and we love it so much that we will ship all of our new pens in this box (there may be some exceptions, like the Israel, which come in a special-themed box).

This box allows you to store a pen in such a way that it is visible, for example by displaying your pen on a desk. Crucially, the pen is encapsulated by a protective layer, which keeps it safe from, say, salty sea air (we ran our experiment again - and when stored in this box, the pen was completely unaffected by the salty sea air and humidity).

We firmly believe that this new box brings the best of both worlds: it allows collectors to proudly display their pens, and it keeps their investments safe. We hope you will enjoy our new box as much as we do!